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About Peggy DeMaio, LMT, Pain Specialist

Peggy DeMaio, LMTPeggy is one of the country’s premiere hands-on specialists for survivors of trauma, anxiety, chronic pain and other presentations.
Peggy DeMaio, LMT is the mother of 3 amazing daughters.She is a trauma informed, hands-on chronic pain specialist who deals primarily with those who have survived trauma(s). Peggy is one of less than 15 MDs, DCs, DOs, PTs, and LMTs in the country who have been specially trained in the field of chronic pain and survivors of trauma. Her extensive knowledge and experience of over three decades give her the ability to state that she has had 100% results with her treatment protocol for those who follow their personal treatment program. For more information see the American Institute On Stress article click here. She consistently sees significant results with a variety of patients dealing and or suffering from pain, PTSD. panic attacks, anxiety, survivors of trauma, people recovering from alcohol and drug addiction, military veterans, autism spectrum disorder, Ehlers-Danlos syndromes, migraine headaches, fibromyalgia and more, within 24 hours of treatment.  Peggy also teaches hands-on techniques to parents and caregivers so people can continue care without being dependent on her and helps people to feel comfortable in their own skin.

She has accomplished many educational endeavors, including becoming a Certified Life Coach and Certified Fitness Trainer, Certified Bodyworker, and an award winning Licensed Massage Therapist. She also has over 35 other certifications. Peggy is a published author, with work published in two Delaware County magazines. She also finds ways to help her community with her unique skill set, as she is on the advisory board of Empower Kids for Literacy, a member of The Bucks County Reentry Coalition, and The Greater BucksMont Chamber of Commerce, has run dream board workshops, and meditation groups. She has also worked in the field with homeless youth in the Bucks and Montgomery County areas and consistently donates services to various local agencies and non-profit groups. She has taught infant massage classes and has been a swim instructor for infants and adults.

Peggy is one of the country’s premiere hands-on specialists for survivors of trauma, anxiety, chronic pain and other presentations.

She believes in the power of one and that one change can impact life in a huge way.

Her mission is to continue to dramatically impact the lives of her clients and therefore the communities they live in. She will continue to expand and use her knowledge and skills to provide balanced wellness for the mind, body and spirit to as many people as she can.   




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